Collection: La balancelle Hamaka

Manufactured and published by Airborne

Design Coralie Frick & Arnaud Le Cat / Concept Anne-Laure Gras

In your living room for a reading spot, on your terrace, by the pool - let yourself float!

A swing like a hammock to help you relax, free from gravity.

- Made in France -

Discover the Hamaka

The swing reinvented. An iconic piece that brings life into your home.

Feeling like you're floating

From the moment you sit down in the Hamaka, you'll feel an immediate sense of release. Ideal for relaxing!

A moving object

The Hamaka is a friendly, elegant and playful piece that will delight adults and children. Thanks to its ropes, you'll be gently rocked just like in a swing.

The comfort

Whether you're taking a nap or watching a film, you'll be close to the ground, with your head resting on an adjustable 3cm thick cushion. You'll be comfortably positioned with your feet on the ground, and your lower back properly resting against the fabric of the Hamaka.


Easy to move in and out of the house, the Hamaka weighs just 11kg. Easily disassembled, you'll have no trouble moving it to create a temporary space or simply to store it.

A concept invented in the 60s

In 1962, Jean-Paul and Roger Détrie patented a deckchair with a unique concept: a pendulum system that frees the body from gravity for optimum relaxation. Between 1963 and 1983, they manufactured and sold around 2000 Relax loungers in the Basque Country (France).

A story that goes on

In 2016, Anne-Laure Détrie Gras, Roger Détrie's granddaughter, wanted to bring a new life to this innovative and authentic project. So she contacted us:

"Joining forces with Coralie Frick and Arnaud Le Cat was the discovery of a new universe, full of creation, reflection and exchange. Airborne opened its doors to us and helped us with the production process. Hamaka is a unique concept of individual swing, which does not exist on the market. The success of Hamaka© will also be dedicated to my forefathers and the people who supported me."

A historic furniture publisher

The Hamaka's designs and its story were lucky enough to catch the attention of Airborne. Airborne is a historic publisher that markets the iconic AA chair. It's a fantastic opportunity to bring this crazy project to life.

A design piece

How could we simplify, lighten and give a new look to this comfortable armchair while keeping the patented balance system?

When we met Anne-Laure, we began a long design process: drawings, mock-ups, prototypes, tests, etc. This process took over six years and was carried out with the help of Airborne's French partner companies.

Six years of development to produce an iconic piece of design that is simple, light, elegant and comfortable.

Indoor and outdoor

Like the AA chairs produced by Airborne, the Hamaka cover is available in a selection of top-of-the-range colours and materials!

The Batyline fabric cover: suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. An exclusive Serge Ferrari technology of woven synthetic fibres for a soft feel and natural material effect. It stays cool in summer and dries quickly. It is highly resistant in outdoor environments (UV, humidity, temperature, mildew, colourfastness).

The cotton cover: a great classic from Airborne for its AA chairs.
A thick, dense cotton that combines robustness and elegance. Suitable for indoor use.

Thought through to the last detail

Each piece of the Hamaka has been carefully designed to meet the constraints of ease of use, comfort and strength.

The result is an elegant, minimalist piece, with attention to the smallest detail.

Can be completely dismantled

1. Canvas stretched over a steel wire frame. Simply removable with two zips. Sewn in Toulouse (France).

2. Adjustable and detachable cushion with buttonhole. Sewn in Toulouse (France).

3. Oak armrest crafted in Bretagne (France).

4. Polyester rigging rope spliced in Bretagne (France).

5. Steel wire rope hanger welded to the epoxy-painted steel frame. Made in Bretagne (France).

6. Frame in epoxy-painted steel tube. Made in Bretagne (France).

Generously sized

Deliberately wide, the Hamaka swing will welcome you comfortably for a read, a nap or an aperitif.

Width 110 cm, Height 78 cm, Depth 95 cm.

The seat detaches easily from the base for easy transport and storage.

Quality materials

We pay particular attention to the quality of the materials and the way they are assembled.

The cover is available in two types of fabric. A beautiful, elegant cotton for the inside and a Batyline fabric for the outside.

Soft to the touch, the armrests are made from solid oak. They are firmly embedded in the base and have two slots for cords.

The base is made from tubular steel, while the frame is made from black epoxy-painted steel wire.

The ropes, which are both resistant and sober, were originally made for sailing in woven polyester.

Manufactured in France

The Hamaka is not only entirely made in France. It's an example of collaboration and coordination between different areas of expertise. A unique orchestration to offer you quality products, made under good working conditions in specialised workshops.

For a life on the move

The Hamaka was designed by Arnaud Le Cat and Coralie Frick, whose guiding principle is to reinvent everyday objects to make them unique, light, minimalist and appealing.

The Hamaka is published by Airborne, and we're delighted to be able to offer it on our website alongside our other creations, all of which make life easier and invite you to move around, whether you're wandering from town to country, or adapting your interior to suit your desires.

In a quest for lightness and practicality, the models we design are uncluttered and, above all, adaptable.

Packshot photo's  « Hamaka » : Studio Cyril Vidal


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