Coralie Frick and Arnaud Le Cat imagine, design and manufacture in France, functional and pure design pieces to accompany a light and moving life. Their first iconic piece is the baluchon, a bag that can be adapted to move from the city to the country, from professional meetings to getaways with friends.

Their design is guided by one guiding principle: don't get cluttered, move, meet, adapt and pay attention to the quality of materials and assemblies, as well as to the relationships made along the way.



They reinvent everyday objects in a rigorous and minimalist way, making them timeless and self-evident with a refined aesthetic that follows the function.

Object after object - a bag, a backpack and soon a swinging chair and a toiletry bag - they draw the contours of a minimalist, quality living environment in motion.



To offer you unique objects:

Each object proposed by Vous Pouvez Dormir Dans La Grange is the result of demanding and passionate design work. You will have an innovative object: a new and obvious shape, a functional and elegant object, a simple set but thought in detail.


Made in France:

Our products are made exclusively in France in workshops that we choose for their professionalism and good working conditions. Workshops with which we have established a relationship of trust, where we finalise all the details of our creations.

Producing in France also means making the choice of a social and ecological commitment. The choice to maintain jobs and know-how, but also to produce according to demanding standards.

The choice of raw materials is of great importance to Vous Pouvez Dormir Dans La Grange. Quality and respect for the environment are two essential conditions.

We are happy to be present on referent platforms of made in France products such as « Le site du made in France ».



Thinking of objects that you will keep:

The products we offer are attaching products designed to serve you daily. Everything is designed so that you will enjoy seeing them, handling them and using them. They are deliberately timeless so that they last over time and become more and more loved each day.



We started out as designers with the "Unqui designers" collective. Founded in 2011, the collective has won the prestigious Emile Hermès prize and the Prix Prouvé. 

Passionate about design, we design simple and functional objects to accompany new ways of living, learning and caring.

Based on the observation that we never had a bag in the right size, we launched the self-publishing of the baluchon bag in 2013 and created the brand "Vous Pouvez Dormir Dans La Grange".

Thanks to its patented system, the baluchon unfolds to go from a small city bag to a weekend bag in one gesture. So it can accompany all the activities of a day.

For 4 years we have been developing the baluchon in ultra limited series with beautiful vintage fabrics. Throughout these years, the baluchon has been tested, approved and appreciated to launch the first permanent collection in 2018 with the ideal fabric: a light, technical and waterproof cotton!

In 2021, with the release of the backpack, we decided to dedicate ourselves entirely as designers to the "Vous Pouvez Dormir Dans La Grange".

project. The objective: to develop other objects to accompany a minimalist life on movement by going to meet French know-how and manufacturers.

Simplification, playfulness and purity are at the heart of our design approach. Dozens of drawings and prototypes are used to create a unique, minimalist and ingenious object.

"Vous Pouvez Dormir Dans La Grange" is part of the universe of spontaneous departure, lightness and freedom. By going off the beaten track and away from stereotypes, the brand combines elegance and quality.

"You Can Sleep in the Barn is a hymn to freedom and movement."



During the 1930s, hobos, a kind of vagabond, walked along the railway tracks in the United States in search of work. They were free with only their bundle for companion.

They developed a graphic language that we have taken inspiration from. One of these signs meant: You Can Sleep In The Barn in french : Vous Pouvez Dormir Dans La Grange.

Vous Pouvez Dormir Dans La Grange, takes up the idea of movement, of the journey mixing professional activity, discoveries, know-how and meetings.