Collection: The travel bed sheets

Whether you're travelling, sleeping at a friend's house or in a gîte, this is a compact, all-in-one bed linen set.

Comfortable, spacious, adaptable to all types of bed, made from organic cotton and made in France!

Discover the travel bed sheet

‘We came up with a simple system of travel sheets for people who are looking for quality, comfort and aesthetics.’

Why travel bed linen?

  • To invite yourself to sleep at a friend's house without them having to make a bed and do the washing.
    To go to a gîte that doesn't provide sheets.
    To receive friends and have a set of sheets ready at home.
    To do some couchsurfing.

Sets up in a minute

1 minute to make your bed!

All you have to do is take the sheet out of its pocket and place it on the mattress using the navy blue markers.

Slide the cushion into the pillowcase, tuck the sheet in at the front and back and that's it!

To keep warm, you can place a blanket over the sheet, just like your grandparents used to do. A wide border will prevent it coming into contact with the blanket.

Folding the sheet is just as quick. A small leaflet on the pocket shows you the steps to follow.

Organic cotton

We attach particular importance to the quality of the materials and their assembly.

The sheets are made from organically grown cotton, woven and dyed in France. We've opted for soft pastel colours.

S'adapte à toutes les taille de lit

This single sheet will give you a comfortable welcome, whatever the size of the bed.

It is held in place by the front and back of the mattress.

With its width of 140 cm, you can use it on a single bed but also centre it on a double bed.

If you're travelling as a couple, each person has their own sheet.

The sheets are designed to overlap in the centre of the mattress without getting in each other's way.


With its generous size, soft fabric and double-sided opening, this travel set is designed to make sure you sleep well:

1. Two flaps to tuck the sheet under your mattress and keep it in place all night long.
2. Two fully open sides so you're not trapped like in a sleeping bag.
3. A generous size for the top and bottom sheet to ensure you rest comfortably on the sheet.
4. An integrated large pillowcase under which you can slide your hands (everyone in their own sleeping position).
5. A large flap to keep the duvet clean.


The complete bed linen set folds away into its pocket (37 x 22 x 5 cm). It takes up the size of a jumper.

"I'll take my sheets’ will no longer be synonymous with a full suitcase, but a guarantee of comfort in all circumstances."

Plaisir à l'usage

The pleasure is in the little details:

  • A natural material, organic cotton, pleasant to the touch and healthy for the skin.
  • Soft colours for the bottom sheet and a creamy tone for the top (you can't go wrong with these colours).
  • A navy blue bias underlines the soft tones and helps you place your sheets on the mattress.
  • Printed instructions on the integrated pocket make folding child's play.


In the same way that we rethink everyday objects to help you live your life on the move, we've done a lot of modelling, prototyping and testing to come up with a clear object that strikes the right balance between comfort, durability, ease of use and adaptability.

Made in France

The sheet is entirely sewn in the north of France, by a workshop that impressed us with the quality of its work and the smiling, intelligent cooperation it has established with a fabric manufacturer, also based in the north of France.

We're proud to manufacture in France, which means we can offer you quality products made in good working conditions. Simple but essential products, made to accompany you for as long as possible!


    2 to 4 days in France / 3 to 10 days abroad