Collection: The hat

A simple, elegant canvas hat for sun or rain!

Waterproof, flexible shape, can be hung on your bag, made in France!

Discover the hat

"Even for a product as simple as a hat, we had to play with dozens of prototypes and mock-ups to achieve a shape that was simple, practical and elegant! "

A canvas hat for everyday

Our idea was to create a hat that is easy to wear, that protects you from the rain and the sun, that isn't too showy but that looks more chic than a bob or a hiking hat.

An ambitious brief, to offer a simple, functional and elegant hat!

Create your own style

Borsalino, panama or gentleman/lady farmer? Choose your style by shaping the hat as you wish:

  • point out for an original, simple and elegant style
  • tucked in for classic chic.

Modulate the fabric to create the shape that suits you best.

A hat for rain and sun!

Thanks to its waterproof cotton, this hat with its generous edge without being too large will be a summer companion to avoid sunburn on the neck as much as a winter companion if you don't feel like wearing a hood that cuts off side visibility.

A smart hat that can be hung up

The problem with hats is that you never know where to put them when you're not wearing them on your head.

With its small leather strap that can be unbuttoned, the VPDDLG hat can be clipped onto your belt or onto your bag (backpack, duffel bag, suitcase, tote bag).

Simple and practical, this attachment adds a touch of leather to your hat.

Made in France

Our hat is entirely manufactured in France at the Dandurand millinery in Fontenay-le-Comte: a hat workshop that has been passing on its expertise from generation to generation since 1834. The workshop impressed us with the precision of its work and its smiling welcome.

The close proximity between the Paris studio and the workshop allowed us to exchange ideas and ensure quality from the design stage right through to the manufacturing details.

We're proud to manufacture in France, so we can offer you quality products made in good working conditions. Simple but essential products, made to accompany you for as long as possible!


The fabric is Italian : 96% cotton with 4% PU membrane that makes it completely waterproof to keep your head dry.

Its 6 cm rim will protect you from sunburn as well as rain!

Looking for the essential

As always with our creations, we carry out a lot of research and prototyping to achieve a simple, elegant, unisex and essential object.

We've achieved a good balance between lightness and strength, with a reinforced but not rigid edge.

Available in three sizes

T57 for small heads, T58 for the majority, T59 for larger heads.

To find out your size:
measure your head circumference with a ribbon or non-elastic string (which you then measure flat). Your size is the measurement of your head circumference in centimetres. If your head circumference is 57 cm, your size is T57.

If you're not sure which size to choose, take the larger size. Example: for a head circumference measured at 57.5 cm, size T58 will be very suitable.

Quality materials

We pay particular attention to the quality of the materials and the way they are assembled.

We've chosen an ideal fabric: a beautiful, waterproof and robust Italian cotton. Available in 3 colours: Cactus Green, Hazelnut and Cream.

We use French vegetable-tanned leather (tanned using only natural substances derived from the trunks and bark of trees). This leather, which is soft to the touch, will gradually develop a patina and reveal all its authenticity.

For a life in motion

Le chapeau was designed by Arnaud Le Cat and Coralie Frick, whose guiding principle is to reinvent everyday objects to make them unique, light, minimalist and endearing.

We create objects that make life easier and invite you to move around, whether you're wandering from town to country, or adapting your interior to suit your desires.

In a spirit of lightness and practicality, the models we design are uncluttered and above all adaptable.


    2 to 4 days in France / 3 to 10 days abroad